The Deaf History Center and IP Gardens will honor and recognize the Deaf community. 


The Deaf History Center at Isaiah's Place will honor the Deaf Community using multiple resources, materials, methods, and the IP Facilities. Our Deaf History Center will house resources that include historical biographies and photographs, historical journals, directories, and cultural publications. IP staff is currently collecting stories and testimonies from the current deaf community. These stories will be displayed with vlogs, ASL captions, pictures, and written biographies, along with memorabilia. Our IP grounds will showcase and honor families, groups, churches, communities both hearing and deaf. The deaf honorees and their families will have the ASL "I Love You" imprinted on the ceramic tiles. The stories of those deaf honorees in the gardens will be displayed along with donated personal items. 

Our programs that enhance the DHC

Deaf Connect - Enrich communication between deaf and hearing

Artisan Presentations and Workshops

Drama Program - ASL and Gestured



“Do not leave until you have the story.”
Stories connect the past and the present to the future.
Learn from the past, profit by the present, and live better in the future.